Pressure washing your home or luxury estate should be a part of every homeowner’s maintenance routine.

The exterior of your home is exposed to the harsh Arizona elements all the time. Natural conditions like sun, wind, dirt, ultraviolet rays, insects, birds, smoke, pollutants, car exhaust, and even acid rain constantly take a beating on your home’s stucco or siding contributing to its soiling, discoloration, and damage. 

Speaking of your home’s appearance, all the pollen, mold spores, dust mites and mildew that accumulates on your home’s exterior can be dangerous. Removing them with a pressure washing helps keep you and your family from getting sick.

When allergens are prevalent in the springtime, is the perfect time to add power washing your home’s exterior to your spring cleaning list. Power washing the exterior can reduce the amount of allergens on and around your home. Our EPA certified, biodegradable soap solution removes allergens, kills algae and fungus, and protects against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Power washing is the most efficient and effective way to clean your home’s exterior and safeguard your investment and your family’s health.

We offer light pressure washing services (1500-2500psi) for your house, condo, or estate. We can remove the desert’s elements and revitalize your property to maximize curb appeal. Pressure washing can be risky to yourself and your property if not done correctly so let the trusted professionals at Squeegee Bros Window Cleaning make your home new.